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NGC 6888 6-3-16
NGC 6888 6-3-16
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This is just a small fraction of the Universe. Distances in space are so vast it’s hard to comprehend and yet some objects are so large we can see them with the naked eye or binoculars. Distances are measured in light years, the distance light travels in a year, or 186,000 miles per second times the number of seconds in 365 days. Nothing is known to be faster than the speed of light yet. To think we can ever escape this precious planet or that aliens have somehow visited us doesn’t seem likely with what we know currently. The distances are just too great.

Many objects were cataloged in the mid 1700’s by astronomers with telescopes no better than a child’s toy can do today. The absence of man made light pollution made the sky very dark, and although they were not certain what they were looking at, they tried to draw the object and created reference points. This is known as the Messier Catalog.

In 1919 Edwin Hubble determined the distance of “Andromeda” at Mt. Wilson was millions of light years away, and had to therefore must be another galaxy, and our view of the universe changed forever.

Everything in the universe follows the same laws of physics as we know them. If it cannot be proven with math,… it’s a theory. All of the elements on the periodic table (with the exception of a few man-made) are only created with a type 1A supernova and in a fraction of a second from the iron in your blood to the oxygen you breath.

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  1. Beautiful images, song and website, but what about sharing also the details of those captures such as telescope used, filters, CCD, integration time and so on?

    Keep up the awesome work!

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